Property Management Services Based in Columbus, GA

Find out how Bickerstaff Parham can help you set and reach your investment goals with our full-service property management plans. We lease. We manage. We maintain. All in pursuit of better investment outcomes for our clients.

Our Services Deliver More Income and Fewer Expenses

Leasing Your Investment Property Quickly

Maybe you never intended to be a landlord, but you’re leaving the area on military orders or to pursue something else and you know that renting out your home is a better long term solution than selling it right now. But how do you find a tenant? What price is right? Who will want to live there?

We take care of the entire leasing process for you, from strategic online advertising and marketing to tenant showings, tenant screening, and lease execution. We’re your best resource for placing reliable, well-qualified renters in your home.

Full-Service Property Management for Columbus, Georgia

We’re investors too, and we know what you need to have the best possible investment experience with the highest possible returns. You can expect a management process that’s attentive to detail and customized to fit the unique needs of your property and your long term goals.

Count on us to collect rent, enforce the lease, build and maintain professional tenant relationships, manage the accounting and the maintenance, and oversee every part of the rental process. Our communication is open, responsive, and transparent. You’ll always know how your property is performing.

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Contact us today to learn more about how our Columbus property management team can help you.

Proactive & Knowledgeable Asset Management for Your Rental Property

Single-Family Homes

Your tenants are looking for space, privacy, and a well-maintained home. We help with finding and placing tenants, maintaining and managing your property, and attending to every detail such as landscaping and pest control.

Multi-Family Homes

Renting out units in a multi-family building requires extra attention to tenant relationships, preventative maintenance, and vacancy prevention. We have the systems in place to encourage cooperative and long term tenancies.


Commercial Properties

Triple-net leases can be complex. Make sure you’re working with an expert when you own commercial properties. We can help you keep your buildings occupied, functional, and profitable.

Military Owners

We know military owners have a hard time selling for the price they want when it’s time to relocate with new military orders. We’re here to rent out your property safely and to protect its condition while you’re gone.

Professional Expertise

Personal Experience

We own and manage our own investment properties, and we never compete with yours. This personal experience complements our professional expertise when it comes to managing your home, increasing your rental value, and keeping expenses down. We know the pain of a long vacancy and emergency repairs. We do our best to prevent those surprises when we’re managing your home. 

Are You Growing Your Portfolio?

Investing in one rental property is a great way to begin earning short term income and long term return on investment (ROI.) To really build wealth, however, you want that property to be the first of many. A portfolio of income-producing properties can generate the kind of wealth that leads to financial security now and in the future.

If you’re not sure where or how to get started, we are here to help. We specialize in managing properties in Columbus, Georgia and Phenix City, Alabama; we also manage entire portfolios of assets – and can help you plan, grow, and make better decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of properties do you manage?

A: We manage single-family homes, multi-family units, and small apartment buildings up to 40 units. We also manage commercial properties.

What type of experience do you have?

A: We have over 20 years of experience managing rental homes and investments in Georgia’s Chattahoochee Valley and East Alabama.

How do you handle repairs at my property?

A: We have an in-house maintenance tech who takes care of any minor issues and, anything requiring licensed or specialized work, we outsource to our team of preferred vendors.

How is rent collected and paid?

A: Our investment in technology makes rental payments easy. Tenants pay online, and we deposit the proceeds directly into your bank account.

What makes you different from other Columbus property management companies?

A: We are investors too, so we understand the unique needs of rental property owners. We also value responsive communication, transparency, and accessibility. Owners love working with us, especially after having bad experiences at other management companies.

Trust Our Technology

Here’s What Our Investment in Property Management Platforms Offers:

  • More effective marketing, which fills vacancies sooner. We advertise online, posting listings to our website and hundreds of other listing sites.
  • Digital applications. Prospective residents can complete an application from their phones.
  • Better rental property pricing. Our built-in rental comparison tool provides actual rental rates for units similar to yours in the same location.
  • Better screening for the best residents. Streamlined, built in resident screening includes standard background and credit checks along with past rent payment history.
  • We pay your rent securely and quickly, depositing funds directly into your bank account.
  • Faster rent collection with online payment options. Our residents have three convenient ways to pay electronically (Cash, E-check, or with a credit card).
  • On-demand access to statements. Owner statements are securely posted to an online account, saving time and paper.
  • Customizable reports can be created for each property or a complete portfolio.
  • More efficient maintenance and instant vendor communication.

Areas We Serve

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What People Are Saying About Us

May 28, 2023
Google - MYRICK - Bickerstaff Parham Property Management
They are great, and I am please with there service .
May 17, 2023
Google - Bridgeta - Bickerstaff Parham Property Management
Affordable. Just wish they was pet friendly. Morning sideway apartments😭
May 4, 2023
Google - Jack - Bickerstaff Parham Property Management
They have handled my rental property going on 6 years now and first 5 no problems. I was happy and tenants seemed to be okay. Then I had a tenant move in that complained about a lot. Many things were fixed and I had a problem with them. Bicker & Par spent over the amount of money without getting my okay. I should have approved, since no I didn't, been reimbursed but I was trying to be fair didn't ask for that but they had the nerve to pay themselves their commision. Then this happened again and the got their commision. Most of the people are nice and I have had a good relationship over the years with friendly staff. But I'm extremely disappointed in the lack no action on the 2 commissions might be $35! Jack
Apr 23, 2023
Google - Anthony - Bickerstaff Parham Property Management
Bickerstaff Parham is, without a doubt, the best property management company in the Columbus/Phenix City area. They are the only property manager that I would recommend.
Apr 21, 2023
Google - DeShonda - Bickerstaff Parham Property Management
It was an easy process and they kept you informed on your application process. I would recommend this company to anybody.
Apr 21, 2023
Google - Enrique - Bickerstaff Parham Property Management
I own rental properties across 4 different states, in 5 different markets, all "professionally" managed by 6 different property management companies. That being said....I've seen good and bad management. Bickerstaff Parham is the most professionally ran I work with and they are the most consistent when it comes to bringing in my rents on time. Can't beat that!
Mar 19, 2023
Google - Tracey - Bickerstaff Parham Property Management
very nice to work with
Feb 24, 2023
Google - Nathaniel - Bickerstaff Parham Property Management
Everyone is polite, everything you guys are doing is wonderful.
Feb 16, 2023
Google - Water - Bickerstaff Parham Property Management
Bickerstaff Parham has been one the greatest choices my family and I have made. When ever there is a maintenence issue they have always taken care of it immediately. The client is always there first concern.
Jan 24, 2023
Google - Justin - Bickerstaff Parham Property Management
BPRE property management is quick to respond and resolve issues. Very easy to work with as an owner.
Jan 18, 2023
Google - Johnny - Bickerstaff Parham Property Management
Bickerstaff Parham is a professional run and managed company, I have had nothing but outstanding experiences with this company over the past 4 years.
Jan 17, 2023
Google - Annette - Bickerstaff Parham Property Management
Bickerstaff has managed my properties for about 10 years. The staff is always professional and available for any needs that arise. My properties always rent fast and they ensure quality tenants.
Dec 28, 2022
Google - Teresa - Bickerstaff Parham Property Management
Love Bickerstaff Parham. Professional, prompt service.
Dec 27, 2022
Google - William - Bickerstaff Parham Property Management
Outstanding service from all at Bickerstaff Parham Real Estate
Dec 19, 2022
Google - Gary - Bickerstaff Parham Property Management
I have rented for 15 years at my current address. The Bickerstaff Parham staff are terrific. They made everything so easy.
Sep 16, 2022
Google - Luther - Bickerstaff Parham Property Management
I have work with these professional for over a year and all issues have been outstanding.
Sep 16, 2022
Google - Sylvia - Bickerstaff Parham Property Management
If anything need fixing, I never had a problem with this company getting the job done quickly
Sep 6, 2022
Google - Brenda - Bickerstaff Parham Property Management
Ashley Reese is a phenomenal real estate agent! She was super responsive, very available, friendly, attentive and hard working! Highly recommend!
Aug 18, 2022
Google - Shadara01 - Bickerstaff Parham Property Management
They have been a good company to rent from these last past few years. Maintenance wise if anything breaks they make sure it’s repair in suitable time frame. Love the company would highly recommend
Aug 18, 2022
Google - Paul - Bickerstaff Parham Property Management
The staff at Bickerstaff Parham has been very efficient and thorough in all my dealings. Thanks for taking care of my four properties.
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