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As a landlord, you’ll enjoy a better tenancy when you understand the obligations of your tenants when they move into your rental property. It’s easier to set and maintain appropriate expectations from tenants, and you’ll also embrace your own responsibilities and contractual requirements found in the lease agreement. 

From tenant rights and responsibilities to dispute resolution processes, everything needs to be properly documented and understood in order for tenant-landlord relationships to remain positive and professional. 

What are your tenant’s obligations, responsibilities, and rights while living in your Phenix City rental property

Let’s find out. 

Paying Rent on Time 

It’s the most basic tenant obligation: they have to pay rent on time. 

This seems easily understood, but you’d be surprised at the flailing that can occur if a tenant isn’t told specifically when rent is due and how much is due and how it should be paid. 

This is why a rent collection policy needs to be included in your lease agreement and highlighted before your tenants move in. Any good rent collection policy will include information on: 

  • How much rent is due, including any additional fees for pets or other conveniences.
  • When rent is due, and whether there’s a grace period. 
  • What the consequences are when rent is late. This might be a late fee, for example.
  • How to pay rent and what won’t be accepted (i.e., cash). 

Enforce this rent collection policy so your show tenants that you’re holding them accountable to their obligations. 

Taking Care of Your Phenix City Rental Home

The lease agreement must set forth your responsibilities as a landlord and your tenant’s responsibilities as a resident. You’ll want them to keep the property clean and well-maintained. You’ll be primarily responsible for scheduling and paying for any repairs or replacements that are needed. However, you can reasonably expect your tenants to change light bulbs and air filters. You can ensure they understand that it’s their responsibility to report maintenance needs immediately and to keep the property clean and free of pests. 

Decide who is responsible for landscaping and utilities. Those things must be addressed in the lease clearly.

Tenant Rights and Protections in Alabama

Tenants have some legal protections that are non-negotiable. You need to understand: 

  • Fair housing laws
  • Discrimination laws, particularly the difference between a pet and a service or support animal.
  • Security deposit laws
  • Habitability standards
  • Tenant’s right to privacy
  • Eviction laws and processes

You don’t have to be a legal expert to rent out a property, although it’s beginning to feel that way for a lot of landlords. Get to know the most basic landlord and tenant laws in Alabama, or work closely with a Phenix City property management company so you can be sure you’re protected. 

Providing a safe, pleasant, and positive rental experience for your tenants is an important part of succeeding as a landlord and real estate investor. Make sure you have a good understanding of what your tenant’s rights and responsibilities are. We can help you break this down. 

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